STC GreenFood and Norlico merge

STC GreenFood acquires Lots Invest’s 35 percent stake in Norlico, which specializes in fresh, modern meal solutions. The merger strengthens their positions in the fresh-cut products segment, where STC GreenFood now has the largest production capacity in Scandinavia.

STC Interfinans previously owned 65 percent of Norlico. Through the merger, activities for processed fresh-cut fruit and vegetables will be coordinated in a business area of its own within STC GreenFood. Processing operations in Ewerman will also be included in the new business area. This business area will be led by Björn Johansson, who previously was a partner in Norlico.

- This is an important structural deal, which strengthens our positions in the fast-growing fresh-cut products segment in the Nordic region, says Lars Sköld, President and CEO of STC Interfinans. It's also gratifying that the business area will be led by Björn Johansson. He has long experience of working with modern, innovative meal solutions and his experience will be an important asset in the future work.

- The merger makes us stronger and also broadens the interface to customers and the market, says Björn Johansson, manager of the fresh-cut products business area at STC GreenFood.

Comprehensive offerings

STC GreenFood was formed in 2009 when operations at Ewerman, Allfrukt, Satotukku Oy and STC Iberica were brought together into one business area - in order to create stronger and more comprehensive customer offerings. After the merger with Norlico, Salico, Salico Oy and Öllövgrönt are now also part of the business area. Norlico Holdings’ subsidiary, Osterlén i Malmö AB, will not be part of STC GreenFood, but will operate within STC Interfinans.

- STC GreenFood has already created a number of interesting business opportunities for Ewerman - mainly through greater cooperation with Allfrukt and STC Iberica, says Per Unger, CEO of Ewerman. The merger gives us more opportunities to go on the offensive - now with our sights on fresh-cut products.

Great potential

Among customers and consumers the interest in fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products is growing steadily. At the same time, changes in packaging technology and distribution have given totally new opportunities to produce fresh food which is worth its price. Through the acquisition of Norlico, the expansion of STC GreenFoods in this exciting growth area has been further enhanced.

- Fresh-cut products are fresh and easy to use, making them increasingly popular, says Lars Sköld. Today, the consumption of such products is relatively low in the Nordic countries compared with many other countries in Europe, but we see that the interest is steadily increasing. This also explains why ‘cut, washed and packaged products’ is a segment where we want to grow.

After the acquisition, STC GreenFood will have 400 employees in eight locations. Furthermore, it establishes the largest production capacity of fresh-cut products in the Nordic market. The companies concerned will continue to operate under their own strong brands towards their customers. Ewerman’s processing activities - under Björn Johansson's leadership – will to begin to be coordinated with the other processing activities in STC GreenFood in the autumn.

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