New unique company archive in Åkers Styckebruk

The company treasures at the Åkers Group are now being saved for posterity. Last summer saw the start of the construction of new archives in Åkers Styckebruk. Through close cooperation between STC Interfinans and the County Museum in Sörmland, letters, maps and drawings from past centuries can now be preserved.

The activities in Åkers are industrial history. Canons were cast at the factory as long ago as the end of the sixteenth century. Since the early nineteenth century, the focus has been on the production of rolls for the international steel and metal industry. Over the centuries, masses of documents have been collected in the company’s archives.

- Perhaps the greatest rarity is the charter issued by Queen Christina to Åkers Styckebruk in 1634, says Archive Manager Evert Lidén. But the archives also contain maps, drawings and cash ledgers.

Åkers has also become a centre for historical material from the neighbouring estates and companies. Modern archives are now being been created in Åkers Styckebruk to preserve all of these materials. The project is backed by STC Interfinans, which was the principal owner of Åkers between 1985 and 2008. Today the company is a minority shareholder in the group.

- We have strong links with Åkers Styckebruk and in the 1980s our former principal owner, Holger Hjelm, took the initiative for the renovation of the buildings and the entire factory environment, says Lars Sköld, CEO of STC Interfinans. Examples of this include the renovation of the inn in Gripsholm, and the renovation of the Åkers manor house and park which surrounds it.

These extensive efforts have been recognized internationally and, in 1992, Åkers Styckebruk and Holger Hjelm were honoured with a diploma from Europa Nostra, "The International Association for the Protection and Enhancement of Europe's Architectural and Natural Heritage".

- Holger Hjelm died in 2004 but we want to continue with new projects in his spirit, in collaboration with others, such as the local history society in Åkers Styckebruk, says Lars Sköld.

Blast furnace rebuilt

The archive will be located in the old blast furnace building in the factory area. It was built in 1795 and was operating until 1914. The idea of using the blast furnace building was first raised in 2009, when the planning began.

- Construction work began this summer and the move into the new archive will be completed in the spring 2011, says Lars Ericson, Property Manager at AB Åkers Styckebruk.

The blast furnace building will house the archives and research rooms. Everything is being built to the strict guidelines set by the National Archives regarding humidity and temperature. The County Museum of Sörmland is the cultural/historical adviser.

- A service building with a lift, kitchen and toilets, is being built next to the archives, says Lars Ericson. It will also serve as the entrance to the archives, which are 170 square meters.

- And there is much to be fitted in. The historical archives - with materials from the 1600s until 1975 – consist of 320 shelf metres of documents, 300 maps and 1 000 drawings, says Evert Lidén.

For more information, contact:

- Lars Sköld, President & CEO, STC-Interfinans, tel. +46 (0)8-666 63 73

- Lars Ericson, Property Manager, AB Åkers Styckebruk, tel. +46 (0)159-80 03 45

- Evert Lidén, Archive Manager, tel. + 46 (0)159 - 310 88

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