Acquisition strengthens store sales in Skåne

STC GreenFood acquires AB Br. Lindströms Frukt & Grönsaker. The company works in the food retail market in southern Sweden, where STC GreenFood is now moving forwards. The target is to expand the offering to food retail stores in southern Sweden and the whole of the Öresund region.

AB Br. Lindströms Frukt & Grönsaker has a turnover of SEK 60 million. Its most important market segment is food retail stores. Sales are concentrated to southern Sweden. Its main competitive advantages are its local presence, its high service level and a thorough knowledge of customer needs.

“Through the acquisition we strengthen our presence in the food retail market in Skåne, which previously has been something of a blind spot for us. Lindström Brothers has the knowledge, experience and energy that STC GreenFoods needs to successfully develop this market,” says Lars Sköld, president and CEO of STC Interfinans.

“Lindström Bothers has been cooperating well with our subsidiary, Ewerman, for a number of years. This cooperation will be further developed through the breadth and resources which the STC GreenFood group can offer,” he continues.

A hub in Helsingborg

In connection with the acquisition Lindström Bothers is moving its activities to Ewerman in Helsingborg. This gives them access to one of the market’s widest product ranges within the fruit and vegetable sector. At the same time, the move means that capacity at Ewerman is utilized more efficiently - a capacity that has been greatly expanded in recent years, partly through the new high warehouse which was taken into service in late autumn 2010. AB Br. Lindströms Frukt & Grönsaker was founded in 1980. During the past 12 years, Mattias Lindström has run the business with his brother Christian.

“The fruit and vegetable market has changed in recent years. Customer demands on price, product range, environmental and quality certifications, service and new web solutions has increased,” says Mattias Lindström. When we become part of STC GreenFood, we will be better able to meet these demands.”

“Furthermore, with the move to Ewerman, we also ‘move into the pantry’ and thereby can offer customers a wider and fresher range than ever before,” he emphasizes. For us this is a dream come true and we can now aim for strong growth in the food retail market here in Skåne.

As with earlier acquisitions, the aim is strong, successful local players, who work under their own brands and have access to STC GreenFood's expertise and resources.

“One such example is our subsidiary, Allfrukt, which established a successful concept for the food retail market in Stockholm,” says Lars Sköld. We are delighted to have acquired Lindström Brothers and see great potential for their work in the Skåne market.

For more information, contact:

Lars Sköld, President and CEO, STC Interfinans, telephone: +46(0)8- 666 63 73.

STC GreenFood is one of the largest independent actors in the fruit and vegetable trade in the Nordic countries. The Group works with purchasing, importing, wholesaling and distribution, with cut and processed products. STC GreenFoods - which is owned by STC Interfinans – has a turnover of approximately SEK 3 billion per year and has 475 employees.

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