STC GreenFood buys the Hemberg Group

The Swedish STC GreenFood Group acquires the Hemberg Group, which trades in fruit and vegetables at three locations in the country. The deal strengthens STC GreenFood's position in new, interesting markets in Sweden. The Hemberg Group has a turnover of approximately SEK 540 million (EUR 58,9 million) and 75 employees.

Hembergs is a strong, local operator in Sweden, which complements STC GreenFood’s business activities. Their main customers are supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants and caterers.

“Hembergs works closely with its customers with a wide range of products and well-developed service. Working with customers in this way is the recipe for success which boosts growth. This is how our own company, Allfrukt, works in the Stockholm region,” says Lars Sköld, MD and CEO of STC Interfinans. “Furthermore, the Hemberg Group works in some interesting geographical markets where the growth potential is great”

The acquisition includes operations in three locations in Sweden – Hembergs Trädgårdsprodukter in Halmstad, Växjö Partiaffär in Växjö and Örebro Trädgårdshall in Örebro. Hembergs already cooperates with Ewerman which is part of the STC GreenFood Group. The aim is to increase these volumes even more. Meanwhile the potential within the fresh-cut products market, where the Group has the largest production capacity in the Nordic market, is great.

“The fact is that competition in the fruit and vegetables market is increasing in Sweden. And in a growing market, ever-increasing customer demands are being made on capacity and flexibility and this creates risks for a small player,” says Lars Sköld. “A group like ours can better manage fluctuations in demand and meet the demands being made.”

Continued expansion

Since 1970, the Hemberg Group has been owned and run by Claes-Göran Eriksson and his family. The product range consists of 800-900 fruit and vegetables articles and Hembergs has developed an extensive logistics and distribution network which it owns and operates.

“After having owned and developed Hembergs for 40 years, it now seems natural to step back and let others take over and secure the company’s future expansion,” said Claes-Göran Eriksson. “It also feels good to sell Hembergs to a company that works long-term and has a broad knowledge of our market.”

The Hemberg Group has 75 employees and annual sales of 540 million (EUR 58,9 million). The main activity is Hembergs Trädgårdsprodukter which is led by Magnus Eriksson.

“I shall continue to be responsible for operations in Halmstad in the future, and I look forward to being part of STC GreenFood. There is a lot of knowledge and there are considerable resources within the Group which will contribute positively to our development,” says Magnus Eriksson.

Through the acquisition, STC GreenFood also becomes the majority shareholder of TFC Fruit in Sweden AB (TFC). The Eriksson family and the MD Johan Åkesson will remain as minority shareholders. TFC - with sales of approximately SEK 100 million (10,9 million) - imports fruit from China, Chile, Brazil and Europe. Their largest customer is the Hemberg Group.

“We now have greater purchasing power and a much larger organization behind us, which strengthens our business,” says Johan Åkesson. “It facilitates cooperation with the growers and suppliers, and also means that TFC can develop more competitive logistics solutions.”

The acquisition of the Hemberg Group - which also includes two properties – requires the formal approval of the competition authorities.

For further information, contact:

- Lars Sköld, MD and CEO, STC Interfinans, tel. +46-(0)8-666 63 73 or +46-(0)70-537 97 70
 - Claes-Göran Eriksson, MD, Hemberg Group, tel. +46-(0)35-14 49 01 or +46-(0)73-314 49 01
 - Magnus Eriksson, MD, Hembergs Trädgårdsprodukter, tel. +46-(0)35-14 49 00

The STC GreenFood Group is one of the largest independent actors in the fruit and vegetable market in the Nordic countries. The Group works with purchasing, importing, wholesaling and distribution through the companies Allfrukt, Ewerman, Satotukku and STC Iberica. The companies,  Salico AB, Salico Oy and Öllövgrönt  specialize  in the  fresh-cut products market. STC GreenFood - which is owned by STC Interfinans – has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 3 billion and has 475 employees.

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