Long term responsibility

STC Interfinans accepts great responsibility for the environment and people who are affected by the Group’s business. The most evident examples of this are the projects which have been conducted by the Group in and around the town of Åkers Styckebruk since the mid-1980’s. This is a classic industrial area where cannons were manufactured already in the 16th century. In the early 19th century a new era began when the old munitions factory began producing and delivering cast iron rolls. This industry served as the first cornerstone of the company called “Åkersgruppen”, a company which STC Interfinans owned to 100% for a long time.

As the Group has long been a major employer in the region, it has also been natural to contribute with knowledge and financial resources also in cultural contexts in this region. These initiatives originated from the Group’s owner Holger Hjelm and during the last 25 years major investments have been made in the restoration of historical buildings and entire industrial environments. Examples of such restoration projects are the old blast furnace from 1795 in Åkers Styckebruk, the restoration of the Gripsholms Värdshus Inn and also of the Åkers country estate with its surrounding park. These extensive restorations have attracted international recognition. In 1992 Åkers Styckebruk and Holger Hjelm were honored with a diploma from Europa Nostra, the “International association for the protection and enhancement of Europe’s architectural and natural heritage”, for the well-preserved buildings on this historic industrial estate.

Skottvångs Grufva outside Mariefred is another of the Group’s cultural projects. Operations in this mine began already in the Middle Ages and did not end until the 1920’s. Today Skottvångs Grufva is owned by Åkers Kronopark AB, who is responsible for the restoration of several of the site’s properties. The business conducted here today has been subcontracted to an independent contractor, who operates an Inn with conference facilities and also offers an array of popular and appreciated events year round.