The forestry company

– Prudent and stable value development

The company owns and manages the forest property Åkers Kronopark, covering an area of approximately 6 000 hectares, out of which approximately 4 500 hectares are productive forestland. Here the company conducts modern and commercial forestry operations involving sale of both timber and pulpwood. At the same time, Åkers Kronopark serves as a popular nature destination, attracting sports fishermen, hikers, paddlers, ornithologists, geologists, as well as berry and mushroom enthusiasts to the area. Alongside the commercial forestry operations – and the value development of the forest holdings – the group strives to uphold the fine recreational opportunities that the Kronopark offers.

During 2022, the area forest property Håckren in Åre County was acquired, which covers 550 hectares in total, of which approximately 500 hectares are productive forestland.

During 2011, the area forest property Snäckstavik in Botkyrka County was acquired, which today covers 1 500 hectares in total, of which approximately 900 hectares are productive forestland and approximately 450 hectares infield land. Snäckstavik, which is part of an area called “Grödingelandet”, is also a popular excursion destination for those who appreciate nature and old cultural environments.

The environmental conscious thinking within Åkers Kronopark, Håckren and Snäckstavik is long term and well developed. The companies are certified according to the international Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) standard, which promotes environmentally adapted, socially responsible and economically viable use of the world’s forests.

We are certified according to both FSC ® and PEFC standards through Skogscertifiering Prosilva AB, license numbers PEFC/05-22-19 and FSC-C105738.

Henrik Karlsson
Forest Manager Åkers Kronopark AB

+46 76-137 04 06