Group Structure

The Group’s operations are gathered into three areas – the forestry company Åkers Kronopark, the real estate group Mälarum Fastigheter and management of financial holdings. This way specific issues – such as investments, strategic guidelines, concrete improvement efforts, development projects etc., can be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The real estate group

Mälarum Fastigheter owns, manages and develops residential and commercial premises as well as cultural buildings in the Mälardalen region. The core business is residential properties. The real estate group will be expanded through acquisitions and to some extent through its own property development. Furthermore, the Group has ever since the beginning taken on a great responsibility for historic and cultural buildings in the Åkers Styckebruk area and will continue to do so going forward. To unite the old with the new is an integral part of the real estate group’s daily work.

The forestry company

The company owns and manages the forest properties of Åkers Kronopark (Strängnäs/ Gnesta County) and Snäckstavik (Botkyrka County), covering an area of approximately 7 500 hectares, out of which approximately 5 400 hectares are productive forestland. Here the companies conduct modern and commercial forestry operations involving sale of both timber and pulpwood. At the same time, Åkers Kronopark and Snäckstavik serve as popular nature destinations, attracting sports fishermen, hikers, paddlers, ornithologists, geologists, as well as berry and mushroom enthusiasts to the areas. Alongside the production of the commercial forestry operations – and the value development of the forest holdings – the Group therefore strives to uphold the fine recreational opportunities that these properties offer.

Financial asset management

The Group’s asset management operations involve equity and other securities. The mission is to manage the Group’s capital long term, with low risk and good return and to handle its surplus liquidity and cash requirements.